Frequently asked questions

About the SchillerQubes

What are the SchillerQubes?

Hinter den SchillerQubes verbergen sich 169 Mini-Apartments, sogenannte Qubes. They are rented as furnished, including kitchen, bathroom, and living and bedroom. The Qubes vary in size and equipment level and impress with their intelligent space management. The practical point is that you pay a flat-rate price which includes ancillary and operating costs and even high speed wi-fi. There are communal areas such as a gym and the Schillercafé which complete the laid-back living concept and enable uncomplicated, modern living.

Have the buildings been renovated and regenerated in an environmentally-friendly way?

Yes, the historical buildings, the old post office (Postamt) and coach house (Kutscherhaus) were renovated according to the latest environmental standards and the current requirements for thermal energy efficiency in compliance with the German regulations for listed buildings. And the three newly-erected buildings were also erected according to these regulations.

Rent a Qube

What kind of Qubes are there?

There are five categories with different features to take your requirements and individual taste into account. All of the Qubes are rented as furnished and include a kitchen, bathroom and also living and bedroom.

What information do I need to make a rental enquiry online?

For an online enquiry (link to application form) you have to enter your name and email address. There is also the possibility to send a general enquiry by email to the facility management at the address [email protected]. Click here to see the Qubes which are currently available.

What happens after I have placed my rental enquiry online?

The enquiry is processed by the SchillerQubes facility management. The facility management sends you an immediate reply. The facility management sends you an immediate reply. If the flat is available and the necessary forms are presented (link to question: What information do I need to make a rental enquiry online?) a viewing appointment can be arranged by mutual consent. The rental agreement can be signed on the spot by mutual consent or after a reservation period of two days. If I do not sign the rental agreement, the reservation expires and the flat becomes available again.

Rental agreement

What information do I need to provide for the rental agreement?

A rental agreement requires a copy of the national identity card or passport, confirmation of your creditworthiness supplied by the German Schufa credit investigation company and also a certificate confirming that you are debt-free in relation to your previous rental agreement. As an alternative to the presentation of a document for proof of income, you may also provide a letter of guarantee as security. In this case the rental agreement is concluded directly with the guarantor.

What is the next step after the rental agreement has been signed?

After signing the rental agreement, I will quickly receive information about the date when I can move in, my key and my transponder. The key is for the front door of my Qube and the letter box. The transponder is used to open all the access doors such as the front door of the building or the door to the washing machine room.

Do I have to provide a deposit?

Yes, the deposit provides security for the period of renting. The deposit amounts to two months of rent calculated without ancillary costs and has to be transferred before the move. The deposit is safely secure with us until you wish to move out.

Who is my contact person if I have any questions about the rental agreement?

My contact person at the site is the SchillerQubes-Team of ‘Hausgut Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH’. The facility management office at the address Schillerpromenade 1 is always open on Fridays between 9 am and 3 pm. Furthermore, the facility management can be contacted by telephone at +49 30 55604867 or by email at [email protected] .


Who do I pay the rent to?

The rent and the operating costs are paid without any complications directly from your bank account by means of a direct debit authorisation.

The account details are:

Name of the beneficiary:
Name of the bank: Commerzbank Stuttgart
IBAN DE86 6004 0071 0563 4126 00

What is included in the rental price?

The rental price for my Qube more or less includes everything, including ancillary costs and operating costs, i.e. costs for water, heating, electricity, facility manager and rubbish disposal, etc. The rent also includes costs for the use of the wi-fi connection with a transmission rate of up to 50 Mbits/second for downloads and up to 3 Mbits/second for uploads including a data flat rate and cable modem. A great addition is an individual upgrade to include cable TV, a fixed line telephone line and extended internet access.

What is not included in the rental price?

The rental price does not include the broadcast license fee or radio license fee. These are costs related to individuals which all households have to pay regardless of the rent. In some circumstances there may also be a possibility to apply for an exemption. The tenant has to clarify this question on his/her own account.

More information is available here:


Which address will my mail go to?

My address will be:
First name and surname
Number of the flat (written on the rental agreement and on the door of the flat)
Schillerpromenade 1
12459 Berlin

What must I bring with me when I move in?

Each Qube is fully furnished. You will need to bring a mattress, a shower curtain and curtains, towels, cushions, bed linen and covers and kitchen utensils together with naturally all your personal effects to help you settle into your new surroundings. The flat inventory does also not include furniture for the balcony, television or computer.

Is there a facility manager service?

The facility management is the contact for all important questions regarding the building (see above: Who should I contact if I have any questions?).

How can I access the internet?

After I have signed the rental agreement and have received my key, I will also receive the access code for the wi-fi of my Qube.

Where can I do my washing?

The washroom is located in the cellar of the old post office (Postamt, house B).

Where can I store my bicycle?

There is a large storage room for bicycles in the cellar of the old post office (Postamt, house B).

Where can I park my car?

There are no car parking spaces available, but there are enough parking possibilities in the immediate local area. If you want to save time looking for a car parking space, the best option is to take the bicycle.

And what about suitability of the flat for handicapped persons?

Some of the Qubes are suitable for handicapped persons as they have level entrances and level-access showers.

Are there communal rooms?

Yes, there are communal rooms. An example is the gym. The fitness equipment available in the gym can be used free of charge. The Schillercafé and the landscaped inner courtyard are also available for relaxing in a communal atmosphere.

How do the house rules work?

There are naturally a few rules which have to be observed as we want all the residents of the SchillerQubes to feel at home. For example, we request that all residents to respect the rest times between 10 pm and 6 am. Click here to see our house rules.

Cancellation of the rental agreement

How can I cancel the rental agreement?

This is very easy to do. Fill in the form (link to a PDF with the prescribed cancellation) and provide the required information (name, date, flat number, signature).

How long is the period of notice to cancel the rental agreement?

The period of notice is three months. Please observe that the notice must be handed in by the tenant at the latest on the third working day of the month, then the agreement is cancelled with the end of the month after next.

What must I observe when I move out?

The simply rule shall apply that I must leave my Qube as I found it. All personal effects have to be removed and the Qube must be handed back in a clean state. The best way is to leave it in the same way as I would hope to find it myself.

Other points

What does the neighbourhood offer?

Lots of things. There are cafés, restaurants and bars just around the corner, simply take a stroll along the Schillerpromenade towards the Wilhelminenhofstrasse. The nearest supermarket is less than 450 metres away and the post office and bank are quick to reach on foot. Public transport is available to comfortably reach all the important areas of the city. For example, from the tram and bus stop at the Wilhelminenhofstrasse/Edisonstrasse which is only 5 minutes away on foot, you can travel to Friedrichshain in roughly 25 minutes. The Campus Wilhelminenhof of HTW (University of Applied Science) and the TGS Spreeknie (Spreeknie Technology and Start-up Center) are five minutes on the bicycle. The Spree river is also just a few minutes away on foot.

And how far is it to the …?

Campus Wilhelminenhof of the HTW (University of Applied Science):
Five minutes by bicycle

TGS Spreeknie (Spreeknie Technology and Start-up Center):
Five minutes by bicycle

Campus Adlershof of Humboldt University (HU Berlin):
30 minutes with public transport, 20 minutes by bicycle

Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (TH Wildau):
40 minutes with public transport

nearest stop of the Berlin public transport system:
Five minutes on foot

nearest supermarket:
Five minutes on foot

nearest bank:
Five minutes on foot

nearest post office:
Five minutes on foot

Is there currently a waiting list for a Qube?

Simply send an enquiry ([email protected]). We will contact you as soon as something is available.

Any other questions?

Simply contact the facility management:

Phone +49 30 55604867

Email: [email protected]